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Vitamin C powder of vegetable origin (bio fermentation of corn sugar giving the L (+) ascorbic), GMO and non-irradiated)

Click here to see the result of the analysis done by an independent French laboratory.

Our Vitamin C powder is packaged in bag Stand Up is a flexible package to maintain vertical with closing by pressure and slide E-Z ZIP®. The rounded bottom gusset allows the bag to stand upright, hence the name. In addition, you can open and close indefinitely. The bag consists of different layers (Packaging laminate) made of special materials with good barrier property against oxygen.

We voluntarily choosing the powder to keep a 100% pure product. By encapsulating the powder in capsules they would no longer made our 100% natural product.
The motto of our company is to offer a product as natural and pure as possible.

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L-ascorbic acid

VitCnat is partnered with Bernard Tisné Ostéopath D.O in France